Teeth Cleanings

Dental Cleaning – Salt Lake City, UT

Everybody wants a mouth full of healthy, clean teeth! That’s why everyone should brush their teeth regularly and get professional teeth cleanings at the dentist. Cleaning your teeth prevents dental problems, and it helps you be a healthier, more confident person. At Complete Smiles in Salt Lake City and West Jordan, Utah, we provide our patients with professional dental cleanings that give them more reasons to smile. 

What Are Teeth Cleanings?

Professional teeth cleanings are a preventive treatment that most people get twice a year when they come for dental cleaning services. We sometimes refer to teeth cleanings as “dental prophylaxis” or “prophy.” Even if you do a great job brushing your teeth at home, there will still be spots of plaque and tartar where your toothbrush can’t reach very well. A professional teeth cleaning removes all that plaque build-up, preventing cavities and giving your teeth a healthy shine.

Why Is It Important to Clean Teeth Regularly?

Cleaning your teeth regularly at home with fluoride toothpaste is a key component of your oral hygiene routine. When you take good care of your teeth at home, your dental checkups will be easier, and you’ll have fewer dental problems like cavities and gum disease. We usually recommend that people brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily. During the checkup, you will receive a professional dental cleaning and a dental exam. You will also have the opportunity to ask the dentist questions about your teeth and how to take better care of them at home.

What Can I Expect During a Dental Cleaning Appointment?

Your routine dental cleaning appointment consists of two main parts: the dental cleaning and the exam. You may also have X-rays taken of your mouth and other diagnostic procedures. When the dentist examines your teeth, they will look at the X-ray images directly in your mouth to check for cavities or signs of dental problems.

The dental cleaning part of your checkup is usually completed by one of our skilled hygienists or another dental professional. They will take time to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from all the surfaces of your teeth, including between your teeth and around the gumline. They will then polish your teeth using a special polishing tool. They will also floss your teeth. 

When you are at your dental checkup, we take the opportunity to educate you on better oral hygiene and how to prevent dental problems. Before you leave, we’ll schedule your next appointment. Keeping up with your dental checkups is one way to keep your teeth and gums in great condition!

How Are Plaque and Tartar Removed from Teeth?

During your dental cleaning appointment, the dental professional will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth using small metal tools. They are pointed on one end. Some will have a curved end. These tools scrape away the build-up on your teeth and around the gumline. When the scraping process is finished, the hygienist will probably spray water in your mouth and have you swish it around to loosen up the particles that were scraped off your teeth. Then, you will put a small suction tool in your mouth to remove the water.

What Other Preventive Care is Offered at Complete Smiles?

At Complete Smiles, we offer the following preventive care services:

  • Teeth Cleaning: Our professional cleanings leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.
  • Complete Oral Exams: The dentist checks for problems in your teeth, gums, and other mouth parts. 
  • Oral Cancer Screening: We do a quick and easy screening to look for early signs of oral cancer because early detection leads to a higher success rate for treatment.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Our trained dental staff treats children of all ages.

Teeth Cleaning – Salt Lake City, UT

If you are in Salt Lake City or West Jordan, Utah, and want to schedule a routine dental appointment, we encourage you to contact us at Complete Smiles. Our professional dental cleanings and thorough dental exams provide the prevention and detection you need to keep your mouth healthy. Schedule an appointment at one of our dental offices today!