General Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

Complete Smiles in Salt Lake City and West Jordan, Utah, offers general dentistry for the whole family. This means we can handle the majority of your dental needs, including teeth cleanings, restorative services, extractions, teeth replacement, and much more!

What is General Dentistry?

General dentists are the dentists most people see regularly. General dentistry includes routine services, such as teeth cleanings and examinations. It also includes cavity fillings, other tooth restorations, and emergency dental care. General dentists usually do some cosmetic procedures, as well, such as teeth whitening. Complete Smiles offers general dentistry for the whole family, from children whose first teeth have just come in to teenagers to older adults. 

What are the Benefits of General Dental Care?

If you see a general dentist routinely for dental checkups, you are taking good care of your oral health. A general dentist can spot problems early, so they can be fixed before they turn into larger problems. A general dentist will also clean your teeth to give you a brighter smile and a boost of self-confidence. 

Taking good care of your teeth is important to your whole body because dental health and overall health are intrinsically linked. When your teeth and gums are in good condition, you are lowering your risk for other health conditions, such as heart disease.

 Another benefit of seeing a general family dentist regularly is the benefit of the relationship. You and your dentist will get to know each other better, so you can learn to trust your dentist and your dentist will be more familiar with your dental history.

What Does a Typical Appointment Look Like in a General Dental Office?

At Complete Smiles, we try to make you feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you step into the office. During your appointment, we will let you know what we are going to do. If you are here for a cleaning, one of our hygienists will handle the cleaning, flossing, and polishing. If you are due for dental x-rays, we will do that, as well. You can expect to learn a few things about taking proper care of your teeth, and you will have a chance to ask questions. Your dentist will examine your x-rays and your mouth to look for any problems. If there is anything to fix, the problem will be thoroughly explained to you as well as the treatment plan. 

What General Dental Services are Offered at Complete Smiles?

Among other services, the qualified dental staff at Complete Smiles provides

  • Extractions. If you need one or more teeth removed, we will perform the extraction professionally and quickly, keeping you as comfortable as possible through use of local anesthetic or sedation dentistry.
  • Dentures. Whether you need all your teeth replaced or some of them, we can provide you with custom-made, high-quality dentures that will restore the function of your teeth and give you a great-looking smile.
  • Root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes infections from deep inside your teeth, often saving a tooth from needing to be removed.

General Dentistry Cost

Dental services vary in cost. We will always inform you of the cost of any of our treatments, so you will know what to expect. Many dental services are covered fully or partially by dental insurance plans. Check your plan to find out more.

Schedule an Appointment with a General Family Dentist

Complete Smiles has three locations in the Salt Lake City and West Jordan, Utah area. Find the location nearest you and give us a call to book an appointment. We are happy to accept new patients. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of our dental offices, where we take great care of your teeth without being judgmental. Thank you for choosing Complete Smiles as your general family dentist!